Wednesday, February 2, 2011

So grateful for the sun

I was so grateful to wake up and see the sun. It has felt like so long and my spirit was fading.. fast. We had a wonderful time playing outside, soaking up the sun and just finding joy in the little things. I love the fact that my boys are fascinated by even the smallest things. Oh to have the innocence of a child. Here are some of the fun things we enjoyed.

Wearing rain boots.

And the other going barefoot.

Digging for worms.

Our treasures.

Going for a walk in the wagon.

Smelling flowers.

Finding little poky balls.

Jumping from brick to brick.

Once the boys went down for a nap I was able to get on the treadmill. Two miles (with only a small amount of walking). After the treadmill I took my Bible study outside to sit and let God's sun warm my body and His son speak to my heart. It was an amazing study about waiting on God. God just knows the perfect time to speak to us. As I am still waiting on testing to be complete I am learning to wait on God to show me the plans he has for me.

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  1. ohhh good study :)

    My kids LOVE pokey balls! Aren't boys fun?