Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Our last few months..in a nutshell

  What have we been up to you may be wondering...because once again I've waited 3 months to write. Well, since we don't do anything simple, let me fill you in.
   For nearly 2 months we have had our kitchen under construction. We are so excited to finally have an open floor plan, a place to cook and invite friends over however, we still have about 4 weeks left but we are getting closer. Having no kitchen, kids home for the summer and being pregnant has been interesting but we're making it work. 
   As some of you may know, Travis and I are certified foster parents hoping to adopt someday. When we found out I was carrying twins we asked our agency to put our search on hold but that we would be willing to offer respite care for other foster parents who needed to find care for a few nights. We didn't want to take the risk of getting a placement and then me ending up on bedrest. Well, we got a text out of the blue on July 23rd from our matching social worker asking if we wanted to submit our home study for a newborn baby girl. We had previously been asked 3 other times during my pregnancy if we wanted to foster a newborn and we just didn't feel like it was right. This time felt different for both of us. The opportunity for her to be adopted was pretty high and we felt good about it so we said yes to submitting our home study. Waiting to hear back about a child possibly coming into your home seems like forever. Once we didn't hear for a few days we figured that we didn't get chosen and we received confirmation on Aug 4th that we in fact had not been. It was disappointing for sure but God knew it wasn't the right fit or the right time. I know there will be many more heartbreaks down this journey but I'm positive in the end it will be worth it.

Baby B is on top (profile picture). Baby A is on bottom (looking at us)

   Last week was a had another ultrasound and the babies looked perfect. They are weighing in at 4lb 10oz and 4lb 8oz which puts them in the 55th percentile. I'm a bit worried about how big they will end up if I carry them all the way to our c-section date. I did get a call from my doctor's office and we have an eviction date (planned c-section) of September 25th at 7:30am. Currently, that feels like forever away. I am getting to that point where nothing fits and I'm feeling pretty uncomfortable. I'm carrying over 9 lbs of baby which would normally be a pretty good size full term baby and my lower back is feeling it. I don't talk too much about the intended parents because they are private people and Fresno is small but they have been great. We get together every couple of weeks for dinner and catching up on things. The intended mother has made all of the ultrasounds which have been every 6 weeks with this pregnancy. I just love hearing their excitement grow as we get closer to delivery. They are starting to get the nursery together which they are doing in neutral because we have all decided not to find out the genders. It is going to be even more exciting at delivery.

  Since April I have been working on getting my real estate license. I took 3 online classes and have been recently studying almost every night for the exam. I took the test last Thursday and I passed!! So happy to be done with that. Now I just wait for the paperwork so I can file to get my license. Also, last week Travis and I celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary, went and met the boys' teachers and packed up our family to head to Shaver for a weekend of family camp. Travis and I both have been working full time over the summer and the boys have been attending a gymnastic camp so we thought this would be nice to get away before school started. We had a great time getting away, being out of the 100+ degree heat and disconnecting for the weekend. We made it home Sunday afternoon just in time to get ready to start school on Monday.

  If you read all of that, you're a trooper. That's been our life for the past few months. It's been crazy, but it's what we do. Now that the boys are back in school we should be settled into more of a routine...still crazy, but maybe a little more scheduled.