Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentine's day has always been a very disappointing holiday for me. When I was in high school and I didn't have a boyfriend I was sad that all the other girls carried around flowers or balloons and I wished I had that. Then when I had a boyfriend he didn't go to the same school as me and I always expected the impossible. I always had really high expectations of this holiday. I imagined it would be as special as in the movies. The guy would show up with an amazing bouquet of flowers with a poem that only professional writers could write and would sweep me off my feet. Needless to say, that never happened.

Then I got married. Never again would I have to spend a Valentine's day alone. My husband would definitely make a big deal of Valentine's day. I mean it is the day of love and since he loved me so much he would be able to come up with the most creative ways to show me he loved me. Each Valentine's day would come and go and I would be disappointed because my expectations were beyond reachable. God did not wire Travis to read my mind and have these amazingly creative ideas of how to romance me and show me he loved me in the way I wanted him to with such grand gestures.

So this year I did not have any expectations. We decided to go to dinner tomorrow night so we did not have to fight other people for a table and just spend time together. The boys and I made cards and cupcakes for him. He came home early and made dinner for us while we enjoyed watching Newsies. I felt the love he had for me in the way he served our family. We went to the store and bought flowers for me to plant tomorrow. Those are my favorite kind of flowers to get. The kind that will last longer than a week. Thank you my dearest valentine for making me feel so loved today and always.

29. Cupcakes decorated and frosted by 2 cute little boys.

30. Chicken fettuccine Alfredo.

31. Newsies - one of my all time favorites.

32. Strawberries - I can't believe how good they taste already.

33. Flowers.

34. Boys chasing the dog around the house.

35. Family movie night - cuddling under blankets in the middle of the front room.

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  1. Flowers! Strawberries!
    I love your list Jo. I'm on the same page.