Thursday, September 29, 2011

Where's the time

I'm having a really hard time finding time to blog. Especially because I currently live with two little tornadoes. They have the sweetest faces in the world but they can sure make a mess in a hurry. Speaking of which, when I get done, I must clean little pieces of toilet paper out of the tub and clean make-up out of my bathroom sink. One tornado is currently obsessed with toilet paper, especially what happens when it gets wet. The other gets bored during rest time and finds make-up quite enjoyable. I mean, who can blame them? Toilet paper and make-up are both very fun to experiment with.

I used to be able to get stuff done during nap time. Oh, nap are so greatly missed. Hudson has decided that on most days he doesn't want to take a nap. On the days I know he needs one I have to lay with him until he falls asleep which usually leads to me falling asleep next to him. Not that I mind, but then nothing else gets done. The other days, when I don't fall asleep I need to decide between, cleaning up from cute little tornadoes, exercising (which I was actually starting to enjoy), typing cookbooks, working on my Gold Canyon business, Bible study, posting on my blog or starting dinner. And let me tell you, 1-1/2 to 2 hours does not give me time to do much, especially when little ones keep popping out of their rooms.

So today, feel lucky that I chose blogging off my list of things to do.

The pregnancy has been moving along nicely. Then this little girl got a little bored and I started to feel cramping so I decided to head in to the doctor (this past Tuesday) to make sure everything was fine. There is something about carrying a baby that isn't your own that you take even more precautions and pay extra attention to everything. Normally cramps wouldn't have bothered me. I would just consider it normal but this time I wasn't about to just let the feeling go. I promised to take the best care of this little girl while she was with me and I am doing everything I can to keep her safe and cooking for the whole time. The doctor checked me and everything looked good. When he put me on the monitor to check for contractions I was having a couple minor ones, so down to labor and delivery I went. I laid there, on the monitors, for an hour without 1 contraction. Great news! They also ran a lab test that would be able to help determine if I was at risk for preterm labor in the next 2 weeks. It came back negative, so we won't be expecting an appearance in the next 2 weeks. (Sigh of relief).

I think baby girl wanted me to have something to write about because before that I had nothing. I do feel like this third trimester has crept up and hit me out of nowhere. I had been feeling great, having a lot of energy and now I feel like I could sleep most of the day. My motivation is quickly dwindling and I have to sit down and rest more often. I guess I don't really remember this because I worked at a job that I sat most of the day when I was pregnant with my boys. Also, the forgetfulness is driving me crazy!!! I literally will remember to do something and 2 minutes later totally forget. I need to have check lists everywhere. It is getting a little frustrating, probably more so for the people I forget to do things for when I said I would do it.

Disclaimer...If I don't email you or call you back please don't take it personally. I probably forgot. Feel free to bug me though.

And now I just ran out of things to say, so here are a couple updated belly pictures (these are not my favorite, but for the sake of they are.)

25 weeks

26 weeks 2 days

Next up on my boys playing soccer. Just because they are so stinkin' cute in their soccer uniforms. You don't want to miss it!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

A visit and an ultrasound...with other ramblings of sorts

I haven't been able to post a blog in awhile. I've been busy obsessing about jeans. Yep...obsessing. All I want is one pair of comfortable, cute, flattering jeans to get me through the rest of this pregnancy. Is that so much to ask? I'm thinking it is. Destination maternity was having a Labor Day sale with an additional 40% off all of their sale items. So exciting if you ask a pregnant woman on a budget. So, I looked online and read reviews of how other women liked the jeans that I was interested in. Okay, so I had it narrowed down. Well, I can't tell if they would fit, be comfortable or flattering by looking at them on the extremely skinny models on the computer so I trekked down to Destination Maternity to try some one. Well, of course they wouldn't have the same ones in the store. What was I thinking? The insanity of it all. So I just picked a couple of pairs from the same brand that I liked online and tried them on. Big mistake. Looking at myself in florescent lighting is not my best look. I'd rather use my slanted mirror and terrible lighting at home if I want to feel good about myself. So, I walked out feeling depressed. I should know better by now. I went home and obsessed more about the jeans on the computer. It wouldn't have been such a big deal except that I have to pay return shipping if the jeans don't fit. Who comes up with this madness. There is no way for me to try them on so I just have to guess and check with each item I order. Seriously? Well, it was the last day of the sale and 9:00 at night and I broke down and ordered them, $60.00 for a pair of jeans that I will wear for another 3 months that I don't even know if they will fit. This better be the best pair of jeans I have ever owned. Do you see now why I couldn't post. I was busy!

Did I really just talk about jeans that long? Yep. The important stuff in life.

I added this just because he's so stinkin' cute.

So T and F came for a visit two weekends ago. I can't believe it's been two weekends already. We had a really nice couple of days. They made it here on Saturday and I took them over to meet my awesome but quite large family. We had a nice barbecue with awesome food and a nice time introducing them to everyone. Thank you to all of my family for pitching in to make it a nice evening. We spent all the time talking and finding out about each other. I loved it. T and F were probably a little overwhelmed by the amount of people there but they were champs. We came back to our house to see if they could feel their baby move. Unfortunately she was in a food coma and wouldn't wake up to move around.

The mommy, daddy, baby girl and me.

The cake I had made. It was supposed to have a picture of one of our ultrasounds but thanks Savemart for not coming through.

The next day they were able to go and visit T's family who lives close by. I was glad they had something fun to do because I didn't have anything planned for them. With two little boys it is hard to plan much of anything unless they wanted to go to the zoo in the 104 degree weather and I doubt that is how they wanted to spend their "vacation". So they came over later in the afternoon and I was going to make dinner. This was the first time I'd ever made anything for them and probably the last after how the dinner turned out. I was making this yummy lasagna recipe that I got from my sister-in-law. I had made it a couple times before so I knew it was good but this time I thought I would make it with no-boil noodles so I could spend more time with T and F and less time making dinner. Well, the noodles didn't cook all the way and were still quite crunchy. Fail on my first meal for them! They were gracious enough to tell me it was good. I appreciate that. Maybe I'll stick to baking. Next time we'll have cookies for dinner.

T running around playing tag with the boys.

The next day (Monday) was ultrasound day. This would be their first time seeing their daughter. I had sent them all of the pictures from the previous ultrasounds but now they were getting to see her first hand. We got to the appointment and they took us in almost right away. Way to go Kaiser! The ultrasound tech was so nice. He talked us through everything he was doing and telling us what he was getting pictures of so we could follow. It was so sweet to watch T and F as they watched their daughter on the screen. It is such a blessing to be able to watch their hopes and dreams of a family come true. We all walked out of there on a high. Which was especially good for them since they had to make the 4-1/2 hour drive home. It was a really nice weekend. It took us about a week to recoup from all the preparations and activity but it was memories that won't be forgotten. Now I get to plan my trip down there for F's baby shower. Next up, obsessing over a dress to wear.

Baby Girl - 22 weeks 6 days

The Belly

22 weeks 4 days

F and I getting ready for our ultrasound. This is just going to have to count for my 23 week picture because I didn't get one that week.

24 weeks