Saturday, February 12, 2011

Almost there and a birthday

I received a call last night from the psychologist saying she got the test results for my MMPI (longest exam of my life). In her famous last words, I am "the right kind of crazy for this journey". Those are her favorite words "the right kind of crazy". I personally think she is a little crazy, but that doesn't matter because I am cleared! She told me that it is hard when "moral" people take this kind of test because it shows them as being rigid in there thinking. So I guess I'm rigid because I'm not afraid of the dark, I don't smash things when I'm angry, I love my parents and I generally think the best of people. If that is the case then thank you. I will gladly be called "rigid". She made it sound like a bad thing. I know if I were looking for someone to carry my baby I would want someone with very high morals which is exactly what F told her. All we care about is one more hoop checked off and that much closer to starting the exciting stuff... the meds and getting pregnant.

Today we were able to celebrate my younger brother's birthday. My brother Jim, whom I lovingly call Jimbo turned 27 yesterday. I love celebrations with my family. We all get together and it is loud and busy and so much fun. My boys get so excited that they get a little crazy then we add cake and it is pure madness. I wouldn't change it for the world. My brother Jim is one of the greatest guys I know. When we were growing up we were always on the same team. We both have red hair and my other two brothers have brown hair so it was the redheads against the brownies. We hardly ever won whatever game we were playing but we were the team with the worst tempers. Both of us with red hair, tempers just came with the territory. We had so much fun together. I would love when people would ask us if we were twins. I would always say yes (even though he is 2 years younger than me). Now, him standing almost a foot taller than me, we could no longer pass for twins.

He is a man of incredible character. I am amazed at the man is he and am blessed to call him my brother and the godfather to my oldest son. He is a godly man made in the image of Christ and he lives up to that. He is sweet, loving, strong and has an amazing sense of humor. He can always make me laugh and when I think back on fond memories of us growing up, most of them I am laughing. He is also a great writer and if he were writing this it would be much more eloquent but I guess I have to start writing my own things now (he has written every speech for every wedding for our family and friends). I just wanted to take a moment to talk about him and celebrate him in my own small way. Happy birthday Jimbo, I love you.

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