Thursday, February 10, 2011

Grateful On Thursday

This week has been a trying week. I think about my week and what comes to mind are these hearts my children have made in Bible study classes. On one side is white with cotton glued on and the other side has this black rough sand paper. They talk about what kind of heart we should have. Well this week, I've had a black rough poky heart. I have been feeling so frustrated and inconvenienced as if this world revolves around me. Poor me that I have to go to the lab twice, poor me that tests results are taking longer than necessary, poor me...

So, as I was wallowing in my own self pity I realized that I needed to open my eyes and see the blessings that are screaming at me. Hello!!! Look around or you're going to miss it. I now have 3-1/2 days of this week I will never get back but now I must choose how I will spend the rest of today, tomorrow and the days to come. I missed doing my list on Monday of things I am grateful for and so I will do them today.

21. God's grace for when I am done wallowing, he welcomes me home.

22. A successful fundraiser that totally surpassed my expectations.

23. No wait time for my second trip to the lab.

24. Pee in a cup. When Travis went to the lab to do his lab work he fainted. We realized one test was missing and were glad they just needed pee the second time.

25. Acorns with "hats" and the new knowledge that if you drop a rock on them the hats will pop off.

26. Solar energy. Can't wait for a lower energy bill.

27. Squirt bottles that keep my kids busy for hours.

28. Nap time.

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