Monday, July 30, 2012

Short update

I have been on the Lupron now for a week and I had an ultrasound this morning to monitor how my body was reacting to it.  So far I haven't really felt any side effects except for the headache that came on two nights ago and lasted about 24 hours.  Luckily I slept through some of it.  The appointment this morning was quick and to the point which I appreciate.  They said everything looked good and gave me my next set of instructions on how and when to take my other medication. This includes lowering my dose of Lupron by a lot which I am really happy about.  It is so crazy how each doctor has their own protocol and way they do things, so even though I've done this before things are very different.  The amount of appointments and blood work I am required to do is less.  The medications are different and even the medications that are the same are administered differently.  It is exciting to still have some suspense with the whole process and not really knowing what is coming next.

K will be starting her medications tomorrow to start stimulating her eggs for the retrieval.  So while her eggs are being stimulated, mine are not but the lining of my uterus is being built up to have a nice thick, welcoming environment for the embryos.  I just still can't get over how amazing it is to be able to prepare both of our bodies each in a unique way so that she is ready to release eggs and I am ready to grow them.

So, sorry that this isn't that exciting.  Just wanted to keep you in the loop of what is going on.  We have another ultrasound next week to monitor how each of us are doing and taking to the medications. We should have a better idea of the egg retrieval and transfer dates next week.  Until then we are taking one day at a time with my family slowly getting ready for school to start on August 20th.

Since this update isn't so exciting here are some fun pictures:

My cousin Madyn kicking cancer's butt 1 day at a time and lookin' good doing it

Celebrating 4th of July

Impromptu trip to Yosemite for the day 

Kamryn's Visit 


Monday, July 23, 2012

What I have been up to (the short version)

So I met my new IM (K) and IF (G) back in January.  The story of how we met will be saved for a later time.  We have spent the last 6 months getting to know each other and checking off the things we need to do for another surrogacy.  First thing was first though, I had to go get clearance from a new ob to carry another child seeing that another child meant a fourth c-section.  I have been praying since I had Kamryn that if I was supposed to do this again it would be very clear and if I wasn't that there would be a HUGE roadblock.  I'm not very good with subtleties and was praying for clarity.  So I started walking down the path to surrogacy again with my mind open and willing to turn away if it wasn't right.  I feel like my first journey was so amazing because everything lined up just right and it was something I was supposed to do.  I wanted things to line up again if it was supposed to be a second time.

I went in to see my new ob asking if I could carry again and he said "absolutely".  He told me since I was young and healthy and have had c-sections that were low and horizontal that I shouldn't have a problem at all.  I was thrilled to hear that news.  I asked him how long I should wait for the transfer and he said around 9-12 months but that my body had already healed and there wasn't a big difference waiting 6 months or 18 months.  So we decided to go see the fertility doctor and start working on getting me cleared for another surrogacy just so we could make sure my body in fact could do it again.  Dr. Synn, who we are working with here in Fresno, felt confident in allowing me to do a surrogacy again and also was not concerned with a fourth c-section.  I went and had an HSG test done which basically looks at the anatomy of the uterus and fallopian tubes to make sure there are not any obstructions that would hinder implantation.  That came back normal and we were on to the next thing; psychological exam, picking a lawyer and signing contracts.  The beginning of every surrogacy is just a list of hoops to jump through before getting to the good stuff. 

Well, I'm happy to announce, we are getting to the good stuff.  K and I start our medication tonight!!! This surrogacy will be done with a fresh cycle which means both K and I need to be ready at the same time.  Her body will be getting ready to release eggs and my uterus will be getting thick and ready for implantation.  The science behind all of this is amazing; that with medication we can both be ready at the same time.  We are looking at a transfer for the week of August 12th as long as both of our bodies take to the medication the way the doctor is hoping.  Tonight I start Lupron, a drug that I have been told can cause some wonderful side effects that could make me a little moody (to put it nicely).  Can I apologize in advance for being unfriendly and short tempered these next couple of weeks?  Just blame it on the drugs.  So, I will have my first ultrasound on July 30th and will get the protocol for the rest of my medication.  Here is to the next month of drugs, doctor appointments and getting my big boy ready for kindergarten.  It is going to be exciting.  Join me, won't you?