Monday, January 24, 2011

Sounds of Sleepovers

Three nights ago we finally moved the boys into the same room. We wanted to do it the weekend before but we had sickness spread through the house so we figured waiting one more week would be best. So we waited until the weekend in case the boys did not sleep very well, we would have two of us to deal with cranky boys.

We put them to bed, walked out and held our breath. First night went perfectly. I could not have pictured a better night. They went to sleep right away and woke up together at 7:30 the next morning. Well, Sawyer woke up and wanted to talk to Hudson so he turned on the light. The next night we put them to bed and once again held our breath. Sawyer popped out of his room a few times but then went to sleep. The next morning Sawyer got up and quietly left the room without waking up Hudson.

We couldn't believe how good it was going and how quickly they were settling into sharing a room. Then, last night we put them to bed and walked out. Sawyer popped out a few times like the night before. We got him back into bed and left again. We then hear noise coming from their room. We stand out the door to hear them telling knock, knock jokes. They don't really know any knock, knock jokes so we hear them taking turns saying "knock, knock." After a few minutes I go into their room to check on them to find Sawyer in the crib with Hudson. He tells me that Hudson wants him to sleep with him. I knew that they wouldn't get any sleep if they stayed like that so once again I put Sawyer back to bed.

Shortly after we left their room that time we hear them laughing. You know that laugh that comes from deep in their bellies. It made me smile to hear them. It brought back memories of sleepovers when my best friend would come and visit. We would stay up all hours of the night laying in bed talking about our future and laughing until it hurt. I was also reminded of times when my mom would babysit a friend of mine. In the same room as my boys are in now, my friend and I would go to take a nap. We would spend the whole time throwing a ball back and forth and smothering our laughs in our pillows. Such fond memories and am so excited for the memories we are making as a family and the memories our boys are making. Bed time is once again creeping up on us. We will see how tonight goes.

Seeing, today is Monday I will start my list of 1000 things I am thankful for. Surely I can find 1000 things to be grateful for.

1. My awesome husband
2. My funny Sawyer man

3. My sweet Hudson

4. Belly laughs

5. Being able to hear those laughs

6. Early bedtimes

7. Memories of good friends

8. A playroom


  1. ahhh. sweet list. my boys would HATE to be separated, they love sharing a room. It's so precious.

  2. 1000 things you are thankful for. I like that. :)

    and P.S. your boys are too freakin' cute!!