Friday, January 21, 2011


I received a little bit of news today. It is small but we are going in the right direction. F called me a little after 6 and I was a bit shocked to see a call coming from her after 5 but it always brings a smile to my face to see her name pop up on my caller ID. She usually has news for me during the day when the doctor's office is open but she started with "I have a little bit of good news." I like when she starts that way. Especially today. I had been feeling a little down partly because of the weather (although we have been blessed with two sunny days in a row) and I don't even know the other reasons why I would feel down. I think everyone just has days like that.
So she tells me that the doctor received a few more pieces of information regarding my medical records today. Supposedly Kaiser cannot locate all of my records (that makes me feel good). But the doctor does not want to wait any longer for Kaiser to try to find them. We have waited almost 6 weeks and the doctor feels comfortable in what she has seen. She will be calling me on Monday to interview me regarding any unanswered questions she has and then will officially approve me to go ahead with the surrogacy. For some reason this doesn't make me feel relieved. I think I am just trying to be cautious and make sure all of my tests look good before I get my hopes too high. As many of you know me, I do tend to have really high expectations and the downfall doesn't feel so good. I'm of course already invested in the process and in this family and I would be very disappointed if things didn't work out but I don't feel like I can finally breath until I hear a heartbeat. I am so looking forward to that day.

I find it very fitting that the first song on my playlist is While I'm Waiting. I didn't intentionally put it there, I just thought of that song first when I was making it. I love that every time I log onto my blog I get to hear that song and I am reminded that I must still be serving the Lord while I'm waiting. You're welcome for the tangent.

Next step is to get interviewed on Monday. If she still feels I am a good surrogate appointments will be made for me to get a medical exam and a psych exam. I hope they don't find out in the psych exam I'm a little crazy. Maybe they'll grade on a curve. Once all of these are done and reviewed then I get to start on medication. Lucky for all of you who will get to be around me while I am on hormones. Then, when I am nice and ripe I will travel to where F and T live and the fun part begins. Can't wait to share more of our journey. Until next time...


  1. I will be praying for all involved and peace of mind for you as well. Praise God that all things happen in His timing and not ours right?!

  2. Joe...I wasn't crazy on hormones right? Or you thought I was & didn't say anything...I am around to love on some boys for you!

  3. You are so moving to me right now you have no idea. You are giving a family a chance to experience the miracle it is to have a baby. I just want to tell you from someone who's body does not have babies easy it is great that you would give a family this chance.You make my heart so happy and I will continue to pray that god will show you the right path and that it will go smoothly for you and the other family that is involved.


  4. Thank you girls so much for your support and prayers. I am feeling overwhelmed with all the kind words and love. It is making this process all the more special. This is really God's miracle and I am blessed to be the body He uses. Doni, I am sorry to hear of your struggle. I will be praying for you and Matt.