Sunday, January 16, 2011

Holy Puke and Other Updates

If I never have to deal with throw-up again that would be to soon. Sawyer caught something and was throwing up all day yesterday. And trying to be ready with a bucket to catch it so you don't have to do ANOTHER load of laundry is almost impossible. On top of that, I was feeling terrible. Luckily, Super Dad was home and took care of the sickies all day. Hudson was such a trooper relaxing and watching movies with us. It was a long day!

On Friday we hosted our first dinner party with my brothers and their lovely ladies. It was so nice to have us all sit around the table together. Before we would all be sitting randomly around our house. We can actually fit 8 adults around our table now. It is a little cozy but we fit! When Sawyer and I were feeling sick the day after our dinner I thought for sure I had poisoned my dinner guests so I had to text my sister-in-laws to see if they were feeling bad too. Luckily they weren't. Whew! I had promised myself that once our kitchen was complete I would be a better hostess and start having more friends over for dinner. So now I need to fill my calendar.

Surrogacy Update: So after 4 weeks of waiting for news from the fertility clinic I got some news!! The news is.... I have to wait another 2 weeks for them to get the rest of my records. Supposedly, Kaiser had some of my records in a chart in Livermore and it would take 2 weeks for them to get mailed. Now why in the world they would have my records in different places is beyond me. Seriously, this patience thing is getting difficult. I think God gave us a sick bug so I wouldn't think about the surrogacy. It actually worked. I've been so busy taking care of Sawyer that I didn't have time to be anxious. God is funny like that.

Sorry this is random. Hope everyone had a good weekend. So grateful it is a three day weekend for our family.

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