Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Snow Day!

I'm a little late on this post but I wanted to share our day at the snow. Two Mondays ago, January 10th was the birthday of my niece Mollie Faith. Since she was born in January her mother Megan thought, what a better way to spend a birthday but in the snow eating cupcakes. We piled the kids in the car and drove.

I was quite apprehensive seeing that EVERY other trip we had taken with the three kids was filled with fighting, hitting and crying. But we were more prepared this time with more snacks and more activities (for our 45 minute drive).

On our way up to shaver Megan had remembered a place that she had gone back when Mollie was a baby. It wasn't as far and there might be a nice little place to play. After winding roads and the nausea creeping up we found it. We ignored the sign that said "No Trespassing" since she kind of knew someone who lived in the vicinity. We thought that didn't pertain to us. We unloaded the kids and had them sit on this perfect little bench that sat right in front of a lake to take pictures and sing happy birthday.

We enjoyed cupcakes and took pictures and then let the kids enjoy the snow. There were no other cars to race to find parking. No other people to fight for the perfect snow spot.

It was perfect! The sun was bright and kept us warm if you stood in the right spot, the snow was white and fresh. We made snow angels. Threw snowballs.

Tossed the snow in the air to pretend it was snowing.

It was a wonderful day to celebrate. How awesome is our God to bring such a beautiful miracle into this world 4 years ago and to give us such an amazing place that we can enjoy with our miracles.

Happy Birthday Mollie Faith. Auntie Joey loves you!


  1. Ahhh joe we had a blast too! Thanks for being such a great auntie! We love you too more than you know. Xoxoxo