Monday, May 23, 2011

A week of house arrest

Last Wednesday night I received a call from Dr. H. I actually missed the call and as I was listening to the voice mail I started getting a little worried. First of all I never get a call from her, so just hearing her voice alone was enough to put some panic in my heart. As I was on my way to a fundraiser presentation I am desperately trying to get her back on the phone to find out what is going on. It is seriously like trying to get the president on the phone with the amount of calls and effort it takes to talk to this woman. So as I am waiting for a return call everything is running through my head as to what hurdles we are about to face next.

She finally calls me back as I am almost to the school and she informs me that I have a blood clot in my uterus. She mentions it was there the week before but she hadn't told me about it thinking it would be gone by that weeks appointment. It hadn't gotten any larger but the fact that it was still there worried her a little. She told me that she didn't want to underplay the situation and end up losing the baby. She ordered me on "house arrest" (just slightly less strict than bed rest) until my ultrasound tomorrow.

For anyone who knows me, you know this has been a very difficult week for me relying on other people to take care of my kids and my house. But I am so grateful for the family and friends who have stepped up and helped and are continuing to help without expecting anything in return. Through this whole process I am reminded of God's love for his children. We are able to love one another because He first loved us. The family and friends who have stepped up to selflessly give to my family know what it means to love and have shown Christ-like love.

Thank you to my mom who took my children one morning so that I could get some rest. To my mother-in-law who weekly takes one of my boys so they could have some one on one attention. To Jill for bringing dinner numerous times. To Kara for bringing me things I am currently craving and for doing my dishes. To Megan for loving on my children like they are your own, making cool veggie pizza, Rice Krispies treats and for cleaning my house. To Tracey for bringing my family dinner. To Brittany for all of your help with fundraising. To my husband who has stepped up and taken care of whatever needs to be done, taken the boys so that I can rest I am sorry if I missed someone. Finally, to all of you who have prayed for our journey. It takes a village to raise a baby, but clearly sometimes it takes a village to bring a baby into this world; and I am grateful for the village of people I have supporting our family.

56. Sunshine - oh the warmth on my shoulders

57. The imagination of little boys

58. Chasing butterflies

59. Water play

60. Sandboxes

61. Little boy kisses

62. Hot pink toenails


  1. wow what a week!! Take care of yourself. :)

  2. You are blessed because you bless. God's full circle of love. Enjoy the rest. xo
    Thanks to Travis for helping us both last weekend! I see why you love that man!

  3. You have an amazing array of friends.