Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Oh yeah, I have a blog

Things have been so crazy the last few weeks and even though I promised I would try to keep my blog updated, the days just keep slipping by without me writing a thing. My mind has been so jumbled that I cannot even come up with the words to write. I will probably need to write two blog posts again today to catch up on all of the craziness.

Surrogacy first...

I was on house arrest for two weeks. After the first week I went back in and the blood clot had gotten a little smaller but not by much. This appointment was our 9 week appointment and I walked in with so many unfounded fears. T and F had never made it to 9 weeks and this was a huge milestone. My fears consisted of the idea that the blood clot had ruptured and filled my uterus with blood. I don't even know if that is possible but I was almost sure that had happened. So I was incredibly relieved when I saw the sweet little baby wiggling around on the screen and heart beating at a healthy pace. I was a little disappointed that the blood clot was still there but at that moment I was just so happy to see the baby.

Once I got home and started thinking about my past week and the next few weeks I started feeling so overwhelmed thinking of having to stay on house arrest for months. I just didn't know what I was going to do with myself. So the second week I allowed myself to leave the house a few times. We went to church, I went to my friend's house to get my haircut and even made it to my sister-in-law's birthday party. I figured I would be sitting down resting at all those places just as easily as my house and getting out really helped my mood.

My new haircut and 9 weeks 4 days pregnant. Are we sure there aren't 2 in there?

My 10 week appointment was scheduled for Tuesday the 30th, or so I thought. I went in and it had actually been scheduled for Thursday. I do not handle change very well and I did not handle the fact that my appointment was not at my weekly day and time. I tried to reschedule but the best they had was at their other office on Wednesday. So I went home and counted the hours before my appointment the very next day. I was really grumpy about having to go to my appointment on Wednesday; Kara couldn't go with me like she had been, I would have to go to a different office at a different time and with a different tech. So I was having a little tantrum in my heart. Also, I didn't have the strength to hear that the blood clot was still there and that I would have to stay on house arrest longer. Begrudgingly I dragged myself to my appointment. As soon as I saw the baby on the screen all of my negative emotions melted away. The baby was healthy and strong, and this was really the only thing that mattered. I kept looking above the baby for the blood clot. I must say, over the past 5 weeks that I have been doing this, I have gotten pretty good at reading the screen. It was gone! I could no longer see the big blob of black that for weeks has sat above the baby. I asked the tech if she saw it and they can't really say much but she thought if it wasn't gone it was really small. I felt so relieved thinking that I would not longer have to be restricted to my couch. Oh that feeling was amazing.

The next two weeks were pretty uneventful. I went and saw my regular OB for my first prenatal appointment with them. Also, Dr. H has been slowly lowering my dosages which means I am almost done with the fertility doctor and on to a "regular" pregnancy with monthly exams instead of weekly. I should be done with shots in a few days which is so awesome. After more than 100 shots it is coming to an end. Yay!

Also, F is going to be coming into town on Sunday and we will be going to lunch together. I am so excited to see her and finally give her all of the pictures I have been meaning to send her. Plus she will get to see the belly that has been growing mercilessly. It is going to be a fun weekend.

9 Weeks

10 Weeks

11 weeks - Not a great picture, thanks Kaiser


  1. Your bump is so cute. Great to hear that baby is doing well...what a blessing for the parents to be :)

  2. I was JUST thinking about you this morning and looking for a new blog post. :) Love you!

  3. Great update, Jo!!! They baby looks great and growing very well.

  4. That is so awesome that you are doing this for someone! I don't know if it is rude to ask, so don't feel obligated to answer, but I was wondering how your kids handle the idea of you being pregnant knowing that the baby isnt going to stay with them once it is born? Do they sometimes forget and think they are going to have a baby brother or sister?! Just curious because I dont know how I would explain that to my kiddos so they would get it! =) Stay healthy!!