Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Easter and a 3 year old birthday

The last week and a half have been so busy. I have been exhausted and just the thought of sitting down and putting words together to make sentences seemed overwhelming. Sorry for the lack of posts but I slept instead.

I wanted to put up a few pictures from the past couple of weeks so I will share briefly a few of our celebrations. Our Easter was really nice. We woke up and the boys found little chocolate eggs that the Easter bunny left around our front room. They looked through their Easter baskets and then began the day with eating way too much candy. Besides the main focus of celebrating the resurrection, eating too much candy is the second most important thing of Easter right?

We got dressed and went over to my parent's house to enjoy brunch. I love this tradition mainly because breakfast food is my favorite. If I could eat it for every meal I probably would. Yum, I'm thinking omelet for dinner tonight. Sorry, I think about food a lot. We enjoyed a nice meal and then had an Easter egg hunt with my boys. That is always fun but I am still waiting on cousins to join the crew so there will be more children to hunt for eggs. Hint, hint to my sister-in-laws. My sisters and brothers gave my boys little Easter bags with bubbles along with other things so we spent the rest of the morning chasing bubbles.

Everyone left and we all went home to take a nap. Oh, my favorite thing to do these days. I just wish I didn't get woken up everyday the moment I fall asleep. Thank you Sawyer. After our attempted nap we went over to Travis' grandparent's house to have dinner with his family. The full day of ham was delicious. We spent the afternoon and evening with them and then came home. Shockingly, my children were losing it. Hmmm, I wonder if it was from all of the candy? We finally made it to bedtime. It actually happened to be a really nice day.

After Easter came Hudson's birthday. That was last Wednesday the 27th. His birthday kind of crept up on me. April had been such a crazy month that I didn't leave much time to plan anything for him. We decided to have birthday donuts and then go to the zoo. The boys just love going to the zoo and never get tired of it. We made it there and when we walked around the corner, Travis was there to surprise us. It was so nice for him to be able to join us for a little while. We walked around the zoo and played in the dino dig. Another favorite part of the zoo. I love it because on the days when all of the school kids go to the zoo, they never go into the dino dig. After the zoo we decided to go to McDonald's play place for lunch. It is just so nice to let the kids climb on the structures and not worry about them running off somewhere. Then they can get a little more energy out. We came home from there and the boys laid down for a rest while I made cupcakes.

Travis came home and we had dinner and cupcakes together outside. Jill came over and brought Hudson a little birthday present and hung out with us for a little while. It turned out to be a pretty special day. We are having a little birthday party with family this Saturday so I will post more pictures then and share more about my little man.

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