Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Laziness has taken over

I didn't realize it would be so hard to keep my blog up to date during all of this but I have kind of put it on the bottom of my priority list and sleeping toward the top. I don't remember being this tired and I'm sure I felt better with my other pregnancies, but this is a completely different pregnancy and I was prepared for it (well, kind of).

I actually have no idea where the days have gone but they are in fact gone. I am desperately trying not to wish this time away but I find myself daily wishing for bedtime or at least the arrival of Travis home from work. He has been amazing in taking care of the kids and the house while I lazily sit on the couch and ask for things to be brought to me. I am surprised he has put up with it but blessed that God has given him such a serving heart. I don't mean to be lazy but by 3 or 4 in the afternoon I feel the worst and it takes every ounce of energy to keep my eyes open. Maybe I'm just being a baby and should suck it up because it could be so much worse. Either way, when I'm finished with this blog I'm headed back to my favorite place on the couch until the boys wake up when I will beg them to play quietly outside for 10 more minutes so I can rest just a little longer.

We've had two more ultrasounds since the last time I posted and the little bean just keeps growing. I have been able to see the heartbeat and it is just amazing. What is fun in this pregnancy is that I get an ultrasound every week so I get to see how the baby grows from one week to the next. I have thought about it before when I was carrying my children, but it is simply amazing how a baby forms from cells. In just that alone I can see the awesomeness of God and his infinite power. If he can do that does he not have the power to do anything?

7 weeks

8 weeks


  1. it will get better! I'm at 12wks now and had the same thing... It took everything I had to get off the couch and do the dishes..Now I'm feeling a bit better, still have the lazy days but not as often. Love the the baby pics:)

  2. Hi Johanna
    I am N just wanted to tell you when I was pregnant with F all I did is sleep for 3 months and eat Fetta cheese and pitta bread,( but then my B12 was low ) then all of a sudden I had energy, so I wonder if little pea is repeating history. Johanna, love that you are the wonderful participant in this wonderful event and hope to meet you soon.