Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Exciting news

I went in for an ultrasound yesterday and everything looked great. They upped my estrogen to get me the rest of the way there.  K had her ultrasound today and they will be doing her egg retrieval on Friday (like in 2 days).  So close it is unreal.  Then the transfer will be Tuesday or Wednesday of next week.  I was holding my breath because Sawyer has his back to school night Monday night to meet his teacher.  I really didn't want to be on bed rest and miss his event.  But I was assured today that the transfer would not be sooner than Tuesday.

The transfer cannot come soon enough.  The medication is making me a little crazy.  We have been trying to find things to do to help fill the days. but it hasn't been easy since it is so hot.  We finally got a gym membership and that has helped a lot.  At least for my sanity.  The boys have a great time in the day care and I get some free time and a great workout.  Couldn't ask for more.

So as we get ready for transfer we will be enjoying possibly record breaking temperatures.  Not looking forward to that but am looking forward to finally getting to the transfer.  After 7 months of getting to know K and G, working through some bumps and getting things checked off the list, our transfer is right around the corner. Yippee!

Now for some fun...please send me an email ( if you have a great idea of how to surprise K and G with the news of a positive pregnancy test.  They live close so it will be easier to surprise them.  Just don't leave the comment on here...they read it :)

Here's a cute kid for your viewing pleasure

Two of the cutest boys on the planet...enjoy Ooh de Lolli pops (my mother-in-law's new adventure...check her out on facebook)


  1. Tell them that you got pregnant with your own child and then say "just kidding, fooled you"

  2. I look forward to reading your journey as a surrogate. My best friend is unable to have her own babies so I decided that I would do it for her. I am just starting my second round of drugs with implantation to occur the third week of September so we will be on a similar timeline. I haven't decided yet if I will blog about it on my regular blog or start another entirely devoted to that. Only time will tell I guess. Good luck.