Saturday, August 11, 2012

Transfer is set for...

Kids are so funny.  The other day Hudson lifted up my shirt and started poking my belly.  He asked, "mommy, why is your belly so squishy?"  I said, "because I have had 3 babies in my belly."  He thought that was an okay answer and went about watching cartoons.  I am trying to embrace that I have carried 3 miracles in my body and my squishy stretched out belly is the proof of that.  With that being said, here we go for another big, stretched out belly and getting K and G a kid or two so they have funny stories to tell their family and friends too.

K had her egg retrieval yesterday and they were able to get 24 eggs.  After introducing the sperm and having them sit overnight they now have 16 embryos to choose from.  That is an incredible amount.  Dr. S. is going to take the 2 very best (freeze the rest) and implant them on....Wednesday.  This will be a 5 day transfer which has a higher percentage of working.  Dr. S. was very happy with the numbers and quality and we are hopeful for a successful transfer. 

Thank you all once again for following along this second time around.  If you think of us on Wednesday please pray for all involved as we begin the exciting phase of this journey.  We will then be waiting 2 weeks for a blood test to see if the little ones took.  Since K does not want to know before then if I take a home pregnancy test, no one else will know either.  Sorry that we all will have to wait the LONG 2 weeks. 

So, here we go....

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  1. Oh no! I can't wait two weeks! Surely Annie gets special privileges? ;) Where will you be doing best rest Thia time around. I should have planned another trip to come see you. Xoxo best wishes to you, K and G!!! Love you friend.