Monday, August 22, 2011

22 weeks tomorrow

How does my life fly by so quickly without me even realizing where the days have gone? Having a blog makes me more aware that weeks have passed and I have failed to be intentional with those precious minutes. Everything I want to get done I seem to put off until tomorrow. However, we have been quite busy especially this last weekend trying to get ready for T and F to come and visit. That's right...they are coming to meet my family.

I tend to freak out and go over the top a little when people who have never been to my house are coming for a visit. And so, my list of "honey dos" keeps getting longer. Travis has been so great about working diligently to accomplish my outlandish requests. We are cleaning carpets and couches, washing windows and blinds. Replacing light switches and face plates (that I have wanted to do forever). Painting the garage and trim to match our newly stuccoed house. T and F probably would not have even noticed if they weren't reading my blog but these are things that bug me and even more so with nesting hormones raging through me. I can't let people know I live in a house with dirty carpets. So I talked my parents into purchasing a Rug Doctor and we got to work. And even with my extremely high expectations I think they look good. Now on to planning something for them to do. If anyone has any suggestions of something to do in Fresno on a Sunday afternoon/evening I would appreciate the advice. I am really excited though that they are getting to come to an ultrasound on Monday to see their little girl. I can't wait to see the little one again. It's been a long time.

I did want to show a picture of the new stucco that we are so happy about.

The old

The New

On to the pregnancy. I can't believe twenty two weeks have come and gone. Since making it out of the first trimester this pregnancy has gone so quickly. I feel the baby move more and more everyday and can even see the belly move when she kicks. I realize with this pregnancy there are many things I took for granted when I was pregnant with my boys. Just the mere fact of getting pregnant so easily quickly passed through my mind as an everyday occurrence. I remember a few times feeling so grateful at how blessed we were to be able to conceive our children but not to the extent as I understand it now. Having become a surrogate I have come across so many families who are struggling or who have struggled to become pregnant and it is just heart wrenching to see their pain. It is so unfortunate that some of the most deserving parents cannot have biological children but I guess that is why God has offered other blessings such a surrogacy, adoption and fostering.

I also took for granted feeling my boys move inside my body. I enjoyed the feeling but I never thought about the women who can't. I love feeling this little girl move in a completely different way than I loved feeling my boys. I love the responses I get from T and F when I joke with them and tell them she is going to be a dancer with her long legs that keep kicking me. I love feeling her and knowing she is there and growing stronger everyday.

I took for granted being able to talk to my boys and read to them at night before bed so they would know my voice when they were born. T and F live 4-1/2 hours away and don't have the same opportunity to talk to their little girl. I praise God for technology during this time. I was able to get some Belly Buds that are speakers that attach to the belly. The parents have read stories and recorded songs so their daughter can recognize their voices and favorite soothing songs when she is born. I love playing their stories for her, she wakes up and starts moving around. It is so sweet and I am just so, so grateful for the opportunities to allow them to experience this pregnancy along with me.

I better be going so I can get some more cleaning done but first I would like to post some pictures and introduce....

The Daddy

Mommy and daddy- aren't the gorgeous?? I can't wait to see what their daughter is going to look like.

T and F with their niece. This picture was on their profile and I immediately fell in love with them.

The belly

16 weeks 5 days

17 weeks

18 weeks 3 days

20 weeks

21 weeks


  1. Hope you have a wonderful visit. I like the green stucco.

  2. Beautiful photos and post!! :) Love it! :)

  3. you look amazing! Can't wait to hear about the visit:)

  4. Hi Johanna,

    I just read your comment on my blog and wanted to say thank you for stopping by. Your family is beautiful!

    Although I don't know you or T & F, I want to thank you for carrying their daughter for them. I don't know how much you read of my story, but we struggled for years to have children, lost 3 babies to miscarriages, adopted 1 child, lost 3 more babies to miscarriages, lost 1 baby after 4 days with her at birth through a failed adoption (we realize she wasn't ours yet, but she felt like she was). Then, in the next year and a half, we adopted two more children, one after he was kept at birth for a while (which also felt like a loss), and then delivered our youngest child (7th pregnancy and only one to go past 12 wks) at just 1 lb 4 oz (26 1/2 weeks gestation). He spent 7 months in the hospital, and then came home on oxygen, an oxygen monitor, and a feeding tube/pump. The past 7 years (and especially the past year and a half) have been emotional, scary, trying, sad, and filled with anxiety, but they also have been filled with so much joy, happiness, and so many blessings.

    I always wanted to be a surrogate, but my body had other ideas. It did its job one out of 7 times, and even then it didn't do it well so I have such a heart for you and for T & F. I hope your visit goes very well, and congratulations to all of you for the life you are bringing into this world! You are beautiful!

    :) Adrienne