Thursday, August 11, 2011

Another Home

Tonight I laid with Sawyer and we read his devotional of our second home. We read of the time when Jesus will come and take His children home. It seems as though every time we talk about heaven Sawyer becomes afraid and tells me he doesn't want to go to heaven. He wants to stay here with his family and friends.

I started thinking if I portray heaven the way I should. I tell him how wonderful it will be and that it will be filled with all of the people who know and love Jesus. But to be honest, I am afraid too. Not of how great heaven will be or if I will be there but of who might or might not be standing next to me. My precious children are still a little too young to really grasp who Christ is and why it is that we believe. But as they go through life, will they believe? This isn't a choice we can make for them. We can only share, encourage and pray for our children not just for their salvation but to come to know the wonder of our Savior.

Then I begin thinking of family and friends whom I love so much and I wish, just as Sawyer does, to stay right here. Desperate to hang on to my childrens' innocence, to aging family members and to my current sense of contentment. I don't want waves. I don't want to step out of my comfort zone and say or do something that might get funny looks or even live in a way that some people won't understand. However, we are talking about eternity here. So may I have the strength to read my Bible more, pray more, speak only when necessary and live a life that reflects the hope I have in Christ.

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