Saturday, August 13, 2011

Happy 6th Anniversary!

Today I celebrate 6 years of marriage to the man of my dreams. I don't know how I have been so blessed to have the family I have, the kids I have, the husband I have and the life I have. It is all truly a gift which I am grateful for everyday.

When I first met Travis there was something different about him. He didn't blend in with everyone else. He didn't just go along with what everyone else was doing. He did what he wanted to do. God has taken that incredible gift in Travis and fine tuned it into a man who stands up for his beliefs, his family and his friends. He is a strong leader and provider for our family. He is committed and works hard for the priorities in his life. He is an amazing father to our children and his patience is beyond measure. His humor and smile still melt my heart and I am blessed to live my life with him.

God has changed me too in the course of our 6 years and isn't done yet. He has changed and shaped me into the wife that he has called me to be for Travis. He has calmed my temper and my need for control (still working on both of those). He is still teaching me what it means to be a partner and not just an individual. He is showing me what it means to be loved and to love unconditionally. And for these changes, I am grateful.

I look back over these 6 years and it has been an incredible journey filled with laughter and tears and one I wouldn't change for anything. We are lucky enough to have a house that we have made into our home, 2 beautiful children and another baby that we are blessed to be helping into this world for another family.

In honor of our anniversary I posted our video montage that we made for our wedding. As I watched it again I was reminded of all the people who have encouraged us, supported us and were examples to us. And since we've been married there have been many more rallying behind us and walking through life with us. We are the people we are today because of all of you in our lives. Thank you for coming behind us and being there through the tough times and the joyous times. What an amazing 6 years it has been.

(Just a warning...all together the video is 22 minutes long. Also, scroll down to the bottom and pause the music player so you can hear the songs that go with the montage.)


  1. Happy 6th, God is using you as a couple mightilty! :)Whitney

  2. Happy Anniversary! Thank you for your kind words.