Monday, June 30, 2014

Our Weekend Adventure

  The girls were dropped off at around 9 am on Saturday morning.  Their foster parents stayed for a little while to help ease the separation but they didn't seem to need much easing into our home.  They took right to the boys and followed them around everywhere.  Once their foster parents left we went to the park for a little while and decided to go to the zoo for a couple hours before lunch.
  They had such a wonderful time.  It was so fun to experience their first time at the zoo with them.  Our boys are used to seeing each animal for 30 seconds and moving on but the girls were fascinated with each animal and wanted to soak it in.  It was so special to see their joy.  We of course had to go to the "Dino Dig" and it seemed this was also their first time putting their bare feet in the sand.  It was so wonderful to offer them even simple pleasures like feeling sand between their toes.
  We came home, ate lunch and sat down for a rest while the little one took a nap.  Then we sat down and played with Kinetic sand.  That stuff is amazing!  They played with that for hours.  Then we had dinner together and finished the night at the park.  It was a nice day full of memories.
  All day long we heard from the boys "they are so cute" "can they be our sisters?"  It was so cute.  They instantly connected to each other. So we all talked and decided that we want them to be a part of our family. We called the on call social worker and told her our decision.  They were able to stay all weekend and now we will be planing a court date so we can officially put them in our care as our foster placement.
  The first night was a little rough.  There were tears at bedtime which would be expected and the the older one woke up at 3 and then again at 4.  Sunday we hung around the house for most of the day with the exception of Travis taking Sawyer to the doctor for an ear infection and then we all went over to my parent's house and spent time with my whole family.  Sunday was a bit of a wake-up call for us and the decision we made.  It is a bit overwhelming but we will get it.  We are now parents to 4 children and we are having to re-learn that we need to watch the little ones at all times.  I'm not as young as when I had the boys and my body feels it each night.  It will take time to figure out a new routine but I am grateful for it being summer break to figure it out before school starts. Last night we had the same difficulties at bedtime and tears but the girls slept all night.  Sawyer on the other hand was up in pain with his ear.  I'm hoping soon we will all be sleeping through the night again.
  The girls are just so precious.  The older one "M" is almost 4 years old and the little one "S" is 2-1/2 years old.  They have beautiful curly blonde hair that I will have to learn how to fix and big brown eyes that will melt hearts.  They have sweet natures...most of the time and "S" loves to scream.  So if you hear us in the store just smile and give us a hug.  We probably need it.  This is going to be a new adventure and we are looking forward to it.  It is a learning curve for us all but are grateful to love on these little girls for as long as we are able.  There are no current plans for them yet so we have no idea about reunification at this point. That will come as more court dates are assigned and I will let everyone know.  Please continue to pray for our family and our transition time.  Also, please pray for the girls that the courts will decide the best and safest place for them whether that be with us or with their birth family.  Thank you all again!

The only picture I can share right now.  

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