Monday, June 2, 2014


I am in full on nesting mode.  "But you're not pregnant" you might say.  You are right, I am not pregnant but I am expecting and so excited.  Having a home that we have only lived in for less than 6 months and feeling the need to frantically get the whole thing ready for more kids is driving me slightly crazy.  I just can't do it.  So I need to get real.  I've decided to just work on the kids' rooms.  If I can just get them painted all the rest will come. But the decorating is the fun part and I can't even do that because I don't know age or gender of the children coming.  So I spend my nights on Pinterest seeing how I can make my color scheme work for boys or girls.  We did say that we preferred sisters age 0-3 but in the world of God making families, it is almost never what we "prefer".  We know that we will get placed with the children who are perfect for our family if we just trust that God will take care of it.

  Why am I so frantic?  We have our final walk through in 3 DAYS!! I can't believe we are already here. Our social worker approved us at our last meeting and is working on our home study which we will sign once complete.  After that and our walk through we will be officially certified.  That just seems so surreal.  Life has been so crazy that I haven't really thought about it all that much.  Now writing it down along with the mad dash to get our house finished it has really hit me.  Once we are certified the timeline is unknown.  We said that we are willing to be respite care providers while we wait for our children.  Respite care providers take care of foster children for a few days so their foster parents can have a few days away, or travel for work.  Whatever the need may be.  Within the foster care system there are rules to who can care for foster children over 24 hours.  Being a certified home we would be able to offer that to other parents.

  So after Thursday we wait to hear from our social worker to sign our home study and then we just wait to hear of a potential match for our family.  I really appreciate having gone through surrogacy before doing this process.  Surrogacy is a hurry up and wait process just like fostering to adopt.  You get all your ducks in a row and then just wait.  I hope I've become a more patient person in all of this.  I also think it has helped prepare myself and my boys to understand that families are made all different ways.  They understand that mommy has carried babies for other families and now other mommies have carried babies for our family. We have interesting conversations and I just love how they want to learn more and are so excited for this too.

  Well, off to get my kiddos to bed and finishing painting one room.  The patience thing may be getting a little better but the procrastination has not.  


  1. Joe how exciting!!!! I have miss so much in the past couple of months. We have to catch up. I love you to pieces and your heart of gold!