Friday, June 27, 2014

Certified Baby!!

  Last I had written I was waiting impatiently for our social worker to come to do her walk through and make sure our house was in compliance.  Well, that had to pushed out 2 weeks and she was finally able to come out June 19th.  The walk through went great and we only had a couple of minor things we needed to do such as putting those plug thingys into the electrical outlets and putting latches on cupboards.  I thought it was funny that our social worker said, "you what you would do when you are getting ready for your own kids".  I told her I never put plug thingys or latches when my kids were little.  She agreed she never had either.  But I understand the need to be extra careful in these situations, so we rushed right out and got what we needed so we could get done with the home study.

  My social worker called me up yesterday (Thursday June 26th) to tell me she was working on our certification and it should be done Friday and we will just sign papers on Monday.  Then she says, "but the real reason I'm calling is..." All I could think of was that the county didn't approve us for some reason.  "I have 2 little girls age 2 and 4 that I want to tell you about."  What?!  Wait!  We're not even certified yet.  I had imagined this taking months to find 2 little girls that fit our match.  I was speechless (and most of you know that doesn't happen often). I let her tell me about them and the limited information she had on them.  I said I would call her in the morning after I talked to Travis.  We discussed it and decided we were definitely interested but would like to meet the girls if we could.

  Well, the girls are coming for a visit tomorrow morning and staying the whole day with us.  I am so excited and so nervous at the same time.  I am grateful for the chance to see their interactions with us and the boys.  The boys are so excited for "sisters" to come over to play.  I have tried to carefully explain what we are doing tomorrow so the boys will hopefully understand when the girls have to go home.  If we feel they would be great in our family they will move immediately.  This could mean we would be a family of 6 by the end of the weekend/beginning of next week.  

  Please pray with us as we open our home and our hearts to these 2 little girls.  We are praying for guidance and discernment in this fragile situation and we could use all the extra prayers you have to give.  I will be back soon to share how the day went.  Thank you for supporting and praying for our growing family.  

  The boys picked out swimsuits for them.  Sawyer picked out for the older girl because they are both the older siblings and Hudson for the younger one because they are both the younger siblings.  Hudson had to get the one with a bow on it. 

And as of today, we are technically certified foster parents.  Six months tomorrow since we started the process of filling out forms and 2 years since we attended our first foster/adoption workshop.  We are finally here.  


  1. I'm so happy for you guys! Way to be just freaking awesome! Hope I get to meet them;-) xo

  2. WOW! Hoping God just didn't see any reason for you or the girls to wait longer for a forever family! Better get some diapers too!