Monday, April 11, 2011

Transfer Complete

It wasn't shocking that I couldn't sleep night before last. I was getting ready for the biggest day of our journey so far. I tossed and turned until about 4:45 until I finally gave up and came downstairs. I started a movie and tried to relax. The rest of the house started waking up about 6:30 and the excitement of the day started growing. We all enjoyed a nice breakfast together and then finished getting ready. We had to leave the house at 9:30 to make it to the surgery center by 10:15. As we were getting ready and leaving we were still holding our breath hoping the doctor would not call. A call would mean there was a problem with the embryos during the thawing process. Before we left F presented me with a beautiful jeweled necklace she had made for me. I was so touched by her gift and taking the time to make it for me.

We arrived there in plenty of time. The embryologist brought Travis, F and I back into a room. He handed a picture of 2 embryos to F and informed her that they thawed perfectly. What a sigh of relief. We sat in the room for a little while waiting to get word that the doctor would be in soon. We were all just making small talk trying to relieve some tension. Doctor H finally came in cheery and excited for the big day. She does these all the time but it was nice that she still took the time to make us feel comfortable and relaxed by her demeanor. She got everything ready with the ultrasound and then asked the other doctor to bring in the embryos. She said my lining was perfect and thicker than what the ultrasound reports had stated.

When the doctor returned there was dead silence in the room. We realized that all of the hard work, time and money put into those embryos along with F and T's hopes and dreams were just carried into the room in a catheter. Those are their children and finally it became real that those sweet blessings would be inside me and praying for more than just a short while with them. I didn't realize this procedure would be so emotional but as the doctor pushed the embryos through the catheter tears were running down my cheeks as well as F and both doctors. I can't describe in words such an intimate moment but all I could do was smile and cry at the same time. What a gift God has given this doctor to be able to do this for families and what a gift he had given me in the ability to carry children. I felt God there as if he was handing me his miracles. We watched the ultrasound screen as she released them. All we could see was the air bubble the comes behind them and pushes them out. The tears just wouldn't stop. Once she was done she had the other doctor go and check the catheter to make sure they had both come out. Once we got the all clear I was to lay there for at least 30 minutes to give them a chance to settle. Doctor H gave me some things to do and not do and let me know to contact her if I had further questions.

We came home and I found my way to the couch where I will be spending all of my time until Thursday afternoon when I leave to go home. Travis stayed for lunch and then he headed home. That was hard for me to watch him leave but I am glad he will be home to be with the boys. F and I rested and watched movies the rest of the afternoon while T finished up some work. I think we were all just overtired. Now is the hard part...the 2 week wait. We have a blood test on April 22nd to see if we are pregnant. Luckily I have a whole box of pregnancy tests at home to see if we can get a positive test before the blood test.

45. Family and friends who keep me in their prayers - Thank you so much to all of you

46. Healthy embryos

47. A beautiful new necklace

48. A comfy place for bed rest

49. Being waited on

50. Painted toenails

51. A laptop and internet to keep up on what's going on

52. Science

53. Cramps - in anticipation that this is a good sign (so I've been told)

54. Garden Salsa Sun Chips - my new addiction

55. Chococino - my new morning drink since I can't have coffee

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  1. Awww!! So exciting! Cograts on a great transfer - positive thoughts! :)