Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Oh Dishwasher!

Two months ago our dishwasher leaked and ruined our brand new laminate floor. We were counting it as a blessing in disguise, seeing that we hated our brand new laminate floor. When we pulled up the floor and the 40 year old linoleum that was underneath we realized the water had gotten all the way under that and it was on it's way down the hall as well. We were praying our home owners insurance would pay to have everything replaced because there was no way we could come up with the money to fix it.

By the grace of God our insurance did cover the cost to replace the floor and the carpet. With the money we decided to update a few things in our kitchen to make it a bit more user friendly; you know, for all the cooking I do in there. (That was sarcasm in case you don't know me that well.) So, here we are 2 months later finally getting some work done. It has been a crazy 2 months and currently I can't even find the peanut butter to make sandwiches, but it will all be worth it. Maybe I'll even start cooking.

I wanted to upload some pictures so you can share in the process, but I can't find my camera either. They will be up soon, I hope.

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  1. We just installed laminate flooring a few weeks ago. Not sure how I feel about it. I'm not liking the daily cleaning and moping, that's for sure!! I can't stand seeing all the smudges and foot prints when the sun shines in....