Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Little Grace For My First Post

So, the main reason I am starting this blog is to record this next year mainly for a new family that has recently come into my life. About a year ago I felt a calling to become a surrogate mother. I prayed about it and spoke to people I trusted would give me truth. I decided it was something I needed to do. I applied to 2 different surrogacy agencies very excited about the possibilities to come. I waited very impatiently for them to get back to me and when I couldn't wait any longer I called the one I really wanted to go through. She told me how wonderful my application was and how much she loved my pictures that I had sent. She said everything looked good except two of the questions that I had answered. One was asking me if I would abort a baby for medical reasons and the other asked me if I would consider selective reduction if I was carrying too many babies. I told her that not under any circumstances could I do either. Then she kindly told me she probably wouldn't be able to find a match for me. I was heart broken. Could it really be so that there aren't any couples left out there that feel the same way as me? That every conception is a miracle and a gift from God? I sort of gave up on the idea and figured it just wasn't the right time.

Here I sit, a year later, once again feeling strongly about becoming a surrogate. I decided to send in a couple more applications without much hope that they would find a match. However, this year I found an amazing site where surrogates and intended parents could come together, find each other without going through an agency and share their experiences. The day I logged on I saw a post of a women from California looking for a surrogate. (I will be referring to her in all of my upcoming blogs as F and her husband as T). I waited anxiously to be approved to join the site and as soon as my approval came through I sent her a message. She called me that same day and we hit it off immediately. She told me about her story and it touched my heart. I knew this was the family I had been praying for. We have started the process of getting all of my information to her doctors to make sure I would be a good surrogate and have the best chance for a healthy pregnancy. The waiting is the hardest part but I feel that I don't have a right to be so anxious when she has had to wait so long. Hoping the next few weeks will have a lot of good news and things moving along quickly.

Thank you for reading and for those rallying behind my family. We are so blessed for all the support and prayers.

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  1. Catching up on your journey....reading all the posts right now :) Wishing you all the best in your journey with F & T!!!