Thursday, February 12, 2015

2 blood draws, an ultrasound appointment and take a guess

My life has been crazy busy lately. For those of you who don't know, I help put on workshops for parents in our local schools and we started our main workshops last week. We've been busy trying to iron out details and make sure they run smoothly. Besides that, my body has decided to catch a cold and afternoon sickness has started to creep in (not too bad). I don't know why it's called morning sickness, mine is more 2:00pm on sickness. Either way, I'm hopeful it doesn't get any worse than this.

Enough of the rambling...get to the good stuff. So Wednesday February 4th was my second blood draw. We just needed the numbers to double from Monday (1225). The level was 2716. My head was very cloudy that day and so I had to call back on Thursday for them to tell me again because I could barely remember the conversation we had. Yay for doubling! At that point they told me I had to have 2 more blood tests. I thought that was a bit excessive but they make the rules.

I went back again this past Monday February 9th and they wanted the number to be over 10,000 to be sure the pregnancy was progressing. I got a call and it was...23,539. Overachiever much? This baby wants us to know he/she is here to stay. I asked if I could skip the 4th blood test since my numbers were so high and they said yes and scheduled my ultrasound. We get to finally see how many babies are growing next Wednesday February 18th at 3:15pm. I always think it is fun to let people guess how many babies they think are growing. Please leave me a comment with your guess and I'll let you all know next Wednesday.

On another note, my first surro family is coming for a visit in a couple weeks and I am so excited to see them and take new pictures. I'll be sure to share. I'm so grateful that they allow me to be a part of their lives and watch their little one grow. Can't wait to give you snuggles K.

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