Saturday, November 24, 2012

17 weeks already

This surrogacy is seeming harder to blog than the last.  Mostly because I have been really busy, feeling tired still and not feeling good for the majority of the pregnancy till now.  Hopefully now with life slowing down a bit I can get back into it but I won't make any promises and I'll let go of the guilt I feel of not keeping up like I feel I should. 

So, since the 9 week appointment we have been moving right along with an uneventful pregnancy, which has been so nice.  The belly has been growing at lightening speed I feel but that just means the little jelly bean is growing big and strong.  We have had 2 ultrasounds and it has been so fun to watch this little one grow and start looking like a baby.  Our full anatomy scan is this coming Thursday and we are so excited for this one.  Hoping to get a lot of good pictures to share from that one. 

I started feeling the baby move right around 15 weeks and it has been so fun to feel the movement get stronger and more frequent each day.  I am going to just try and slow down and enjoy this time since it may be my last.  Pregnancy goes so fast and it is easy to wish the time away especially since I want G and K to hold their baby so badly.  That time will come soon enough so until then I will enjoy my time with the jelly bean. 

Other than that we have just been busy with everyday life.  I made the choice to step up and coach the boys' soccer team.  That was a lesson I only need to be taught once and I'm so grateful our season is over.  Thanksgiving was so nice and relaxing spending time at my parents' house with my family and then going to Travis' grandparents' house and seeing all of them.  Now I'm in the process of planning Sawyer's birthday party and then Christmas.  After that we should have a little break, although I love all the celebrations this time of year.  It makes me happy and I love all the traditions we have started and continue each year. 

I hope everyone else had a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoy a blessed Holiday season.

11 weeks

14 weeks

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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