Thursday, September 29, 2011

Where's the time

I'm having a really hard time finding time to blog. Especially because I currently live with two little tornadoes. They have the sweetest faces in the world but they can sure make a mess in a hurry. Speaking of which, when I get done, I must clean little pieces of toilet paper out of the tub and clean make-up out of my bathroom sink. One tornado is currently obsessed with toilet paper, especially what happens when it gets wet. The other gets bored during rest time and finds make-up quite enjoyable. I mean, who can blame them? Toilet paper and make-up are both very fun to experiment with.

I used to be able to get stuff done during nap time. Oh, nap are so greatly missed. Hudson has decided that on most days he doesn't want to take a nap. On the days I know he needs one I have to lay with him until he falls asleep which usually leads to me falling asleep next to him. Not that I mind, but then nothing else gets done. The other days, when I don't fall asleep I need to decide between, cleaning up from cute little tornadoes, exercising (which I was actually starting to enjoy), typing cookbooks, working on my Gold Canyon business, Bible study, posting on my blog or starting dinner. And let me tell you, 1-1/2 to 2 hours does not give me time to do much, especially when little ones keep popping out of their rooms.

So today, feel lucky that I chose blogging off my list of things to do.

The pregnancy has been moving along nicely. Then this little girl got a little bored and I started to feel cramping so I decided to head in to the doctor (this past Tuesday) to make sure everything was fine. There is something about carrying a baby that isn't your own that you take even more precautions and pay extra attention to everything. Normally cramps wouldn't have bothered me. I would just consider it normal but this time I wasn't about to just let the feeling go. I promised to take the best care of this little girl while she was with me and I am doing everything I can to keep her safe and cooking for the whole time. The doctor checked me and everything looked good. When he put me on the monitor to check for contractions I was having a couple minor ones, so down to labor and delivery I went. I laid there, on the monitors, for an hour without 1 contraction. Great news! They also ran a lab test that would be able to help determine if I was at risk for preterm labor in the next 2 weeks. It came back negative, so we won't be expecting an appearance in the next 2 weeks. (Sigh of relief).

I think baby girl wanted me to have something to write about because before that I had nothing. I do feel like this third trimester has crept up and hit me out of nowhere. I had been feeling great, having a lot of energy and now I feel like I could sleep most of the day. My motivation is quickly dwindling and I have to sit down and rest more often. I guess I don't really remember this because I worked at a job that I sat most of the day when I was pregnant with my boys. Also, the forgetfulness is driving me crazy!!! I literally will remember to do something and 2 minutes later totally forget. I need to have check lists everywhere. It is getting a little frustrating, probably more so for the people I forget to do things for when I said I would do it.

Disclaimer...If I don't email you or call you back please don't take it personally. I probably forgot. Feel free to bug me though.

And now I just ran out of things to say, so here are a couple updated belly pictures (these are not my favorite, but for the sake of they are.)

25 weeks

26 weeks 2 days

Next up on my boys playing soccer. Just because they are so stinkin' cute in their soccer uniforms. You don't want to miss it!

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