Monday, May 25, 2015

3 months later

I have officially dropped the ball on blogging this pregnancy.  It seems to be equivalent to a third child. They don't get as many pictures, their baby book only has a few stats and things you freaked out about with the first child really don't matter that much the third time around. This pregnancy is kind of feeling like that. I have taken weekly pictures but only 1 blog post in 20 weeks is pretty pathetic.
On that note, we made it to 20 weeks! I had an ultrasound last week and both babies looked great, measuring the same size and each weighing 12 ounces. IM (intended mother) was able to come and it was so special having the opportunity to watch her as she looked at her babies. There were tears and keepsake pictures. I was able to talk her out of finding out the genders but I'm not sure how much longer she will hold out. IF (intended father) wants to be surprised but IM is wavering. I keep trying to tell her how much more fun delivery is when you don't know the genders. We have ultrasounds every 6 weeks for now so there will be more chances to find out. We will see who can hold out the longest.

12 weeks

20 weeks

Besides feeling humongous I feel pretty good. I can feel babies moving around but am not able to distinguish between the 2. Even Travis has gotten to feel the little kicks. Braxton Hicks have started but thankfully they haven't turned into real contractions. Nausea finally tapered off around 16 weeks which was a Godsend because I was so over that. I haven't really had cravings except cherries, but that's my obsession every year at this time. And I've gained about 18 pounds so far (yikes!).  Now we're hopefully coasting for a while. Five more weeks until viability when we can breathe a little bit easier.
In other news, I stopped working for Valley PBS and started working as an assistant to a real estate broker in town and getting my real estate license. The boys are finishing off their school year (13 days to go, but who's counting) and we're all looking forward to summer vacation. This summer is going to be hot but with swimming pools and air conditioners we may be able to make it.
I think that is about all that is going on with us. I will try harder to post again but I can't make any promises. Thank you again for all of the support. I honestly couldn't do this without all of you who read, comment and encourage us along the way.
  9 weeks                  10 weeks

  11 weeks                      12 weeks

     13 weeks                   14 weeks

  15 weeks                  16 weeks

  17 weeks                      18 weeks

    19 weeks                 20 weeks

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