Thursday, February 14, 2013

At last!

So it is not a secret that I have been terrible about blogging this safari.  I have my fair share of excuses but I won't bother you with those.  I'll just get right to the good stuff.  This sweet little one is growing great.  We have been lucky enough to have had 2 ultrasounds.  We had our big scan at 18 weeks and G (Intended father) was able to attend this one along with K.  It was just the 3 of us with the ultrasound tech and she was so gracious to tell us everything she was looking at, all the measurements and that everything looked great. K and I have been going back and forth for months each with our opinion of the sex of this baby.  I have told her 100% I thought it was going to be a girl.  My morning sickness lasted 18 weeks and I never had that with my boys.  K thought for sure it was going to be a boy.  We had so much fun teasing each other.  I would say she better start buying some dresses and she would say her son would not be wearing dresses.  Every time I would refer to the baby I would say "her" and of course she would say "him".  So the only logical thing to do was to bet on it.  We decided to bet a pedicure.  Whoever was right would have to pay.  The tech started at the head and moved down.  We were so anxious we almost made her jump down and tell us already the gender.  Finally they were able to tell us 100% G and K are expecting a.....


They were so shocked we had to have 2 techs and the doctor confirm this.  I didn't gloat too much.  I was just so excited for them.  They are thrilled to be expecting a girl!  This was the ultrasound that really started making things real for G and K.  They were able to see a healthy baby growing and getting stronger.  My favorite part of each surrogacy is to see the expressions on the faces of the intended parents as they see their baby on ultrasounds and ultimately at birth.  Tears spilled down my cheeks as I watched their excitement and hopeful anticipation.  We walked out with a cd full of wonderful pictures and even a few 3D views. 

18 weeks 1 day

Time went on and we were able to get scheduled for another ultrasound at 24 weeks.  For this one, K invited her mother and I invited mine.  It was nice to have them meet and for my mom to finally meet K.  We were all so excited until we started to go back to our appointment and they told us only 2 people were allowed to go back into the room and we couldn't even switch someone once we put 2 people back there.  Well our rebellious nature couldn't let one of our moms sit in the waiting room and not get to come back, so we had one mom come in and then switch out halfway in the middle.  They weren't thrilled with us but it washed over and it all worked out.  Except for the part where they probably won't let us come back there.  Oops.  Oh well, everyone got to see and baby looked amazing again.  She is growing right on track, even a couple days bigger. 

 24 weeks 6 days

I just liked this picture of my main squeeze and I going on a date.  
25 weeks

Recently, at 28 weeks I had a doctor appointment with my amazing ob and he is going to try and schedule us for a c-section on Wednesday April 24th.  We also were able to find an anesthesiologist that is going to allow Travis, K and G into the operating room.  We are so excited about that.  I will be delivering at Clovis Community this time and they seem to be a little more lenient than Kaiser had been.  I am so excited for the chance to see G and K's faces as they hear and see their daughter for the first time.  That is my all time favorite part and the reason I do what I do.  We only have 10 weeks to go and it is going to be exciting as G and K get ready to welcome their daughter.  April 24th will be here in no time. 

In other surrogacy news, I was invited to speak at a forum of business women last night.  This was my first time ever speaking in front of a group of people about surrogacy.  I was so honor to be asked to share my passion and my knowledge.  It went really well and this group of women had really good questions that made the evening go smoothly.  I basically just shared my story of how I got started and why I love doing what I do.  It was a wonderful experience and one of the women asked if I would be willing to speak at another event.  Such a blessing to have had that opportunity and I hope there will be more like that. 

I guess that was my last few months in a nutshell.  I feel like I need different blogs for different areas of my life.  My family and I have been super busy with a lot of fun things but I needed to get everyone caught up on the surrogacy.  I might just have to write another blog post about all the happenings in the Mott household.  Maybe....  I hope to have the opportunity to post a few more times before this safari is over.  This really has been another amazing experience and I am excited to see what the next 10 weeks brings.  Until next time...

Oh and Happy Valentine's Day!!!!  Much love to all my friends, family and supporters. 

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