Monday, December 12, 2011

8 more days.. in case anyone else is counting

I was going to wait until tomorrow to post something, because it is on an even week and I would be able to say 1 week to go but I am feeling in a blogger mood right now and I better take advantage. Is that right? A blogger mood? Maybe a blogging mood? Either way, here it is.

Eight more days until we go in after this little lady and bring her into the world. Not exactly how God planned birth to be but with my track record of c-sections it is the safest for myself and Kamryn. So we will enjoy the fact that we get to plan. Kind of... I think it is bad for me to have a date planned. I am very much a procrastinator and I will wait until next Monday to finalize everything. It's my nature to believe I always have more time. And right now I do. I have 8 more days. Eight more days to clean, pack, find sitters for the boys, finish shopping and decorating, go to the grocery store and deliver the rest of the candles that are coming in this week. That's plenty of time. Well, if I really break it down, I tend to have about 3 hours of energy and motivation a day so really I only have 24 hours to get all of that done. Oh well...I still have time.

So as far as the pregnancy, it is going good. Nothing really to report. Kamryn is measuring right on and her heartbeat is strong. She moves around a lot but doesn't keep me up at night. I have had a cold that I can't seem to shake for the past 2 weeks but I think the cough is finally tapering off. That has not been fun but I know the end is near so I am trying to enjoy it. We did have a false alarm that sent me to the hospital but everything was fine and I was just being paranoid. It did scare us all into getting a little more ready. I am enjoying by belly shelf. My bowl of Fruit Loops sits perfectly on my shelf as I shovel the tasty little loops into my mouth. Fruit Loops is my current obsession if you didn't already get that. And yesterday I started cleaning out the maternity clothes from my closet. I know, a little premature but by closet is throwing up clothes and I can barely get in there. Plus I am wearing sweats until I can fit into my old jeans, which I expect to be by Christmas. Ha!! A bit of high expectations, but that is my nature as well. I just want more of an excuse to stay in my sweats.

Well, I think I'm running out of things to ramble about. Hopefully I can post again before Miss Kamryn makes her appearance. I do have things to catch up my big boy turning 5. Now that was a fun pirate party. Until next time...

36 weeks 3 days
(Do I look tired? Because I am. And that blue bra strap keeps ending up in my's the only one that fits)

37 weeks 1 day


  1. i will eat my hat if you fit into your old jeans by Christmas. Tobin is 6 months old and I just recently started fitting into my old jeans, and with Shel it took 12 MONTHS TO FIT INTO MY OLD JEANS. yeah. so. I will eat my hat.

    And, you look adorable. And don't tell me if you actually pull the old jeans by christmas off.

    I can't believe you're gonna have a baby soon!!! WOW!

  2. Thanks for blogging throughout the pregnancy and keeping those of us who are far away in the loop. I pray for a safe delivery (or C-Section) for both you and Kamryn and I hope that you get some relief from that cold very soon. Enjoy those Fruit Loops and thanks for what you are doing for my friend Fatima and Todd.

    Fatima - I can't wait for you to experience one of life's greatest joys..holding and seeing your child for the first time. Much love <3