Monday, March 21, 2011

Rain, Hail, Snow....Oh Yeah and Wind

Woke up at 4 am Sunday morning to get myself ready for the drive ahead. Packed up a few things, went and picked up my amazing sister-in-law Kara who has now become my official passenger for LA trips and we were on our way. I asked her if she wouldn't mind praying as we started off on this trip and it turned out we did need God and all the angels he could spare to be with us on our way down south. Wow, I had never driven in weather that bad. I'm sure it could have been worse but this wasn't very safe. But I couldn't imagine having to put off this journey for one more month because we couldn't get down to LA over the weather. So we put on some old school jams (which I do have to say, my taste in music from high school was quite hip.) I especially liked the cds with country music, hints of soft rock and the occasional rap song. My taste in music changed with the type of boyfriend I was dating or the emotions that were running wild back then. Aw the good old days...
As we were driving along we got to experience the rain, and then harder rain, the sideways rain, the hail and then at the highest part of the grapevine, snow. I didn't know if my "baby" Honda accord was going to make it, but she did great. We made it down with 30 minutes to spare before my appointment time of 10:15. When I got there F was waiting for me with an amazing surprise. A fellow surrogate friend of mine had driven to my appointment to officially meet in person. I was so touched that she would take the time to come and see me.
So I went into the exam room, had my ultrasound and blood work done and they gave me to okay to leave. This took all of 10 minutes. We said our goodbyes and Kara and I were on the road again. It had not started raining in LA yet but as soon as we hit downtown LA it was on. It was pouring and windy. I just focused on the white lines on the road and made sure I was between them, all the while praying that we would make it home. I had my family coming over that night for a birthday barbecue for me and I was not about to miss it. We did make it home, but I believe it was only by the grace of God. That is not something I would like to do again anytime soon and it is looking like I probably won't have to.
The doctor called and told me to start the medication i needed to get my body ready for the transfer. We have been waiting 3 months for those words and they sounded so sweet. If my body does what it is supposed to on the medication we should be transferring in the beginning of April. So many things to be grateful for.

Here is my box of goodies.

36. A reliable car

37. Snow topped mountains

38. New friends

39. A driving buddy - Kara, I couldn't do it without you.

40. Barbecue with family

41. Family who will stop by and bring you dinner just because - Thank you Jill!

42. Ice cream cake

43. The first bloom of the season

44. A relaxing mini-vacation with my main squeeze

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  1. Glad you guys got home safe! I have to agree that Kara is pretty freakin' amazing ;-). Why does the clinic make you go to L.A. for the ultrasounds/bloodtests? They gave me the ok to have a local Dr. to the testings so I wouldn't have to drive 5 hours each time. Might be worth checking out! :-)